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Promarine Boats was founded in 1992 by Ramon Canela in Venezuela, his background in Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and his Passion for boats become all together in a dream. With more than 20 years of experience in boating manufacturing from offshore racing to salt water fishing series, his experience translates into being able to adapt to any clients design requirements. Being involved in design and boat building as recreation, Mr. Canela relates to clients and can advise on the best production applications methods to suit any style. In a country that has one of the highest standards of boat manufacturing he takes and gives the utmost pride, from the drawing board through to the commissioning and delivering of the completed finished vessel.


The Design goal for Promarine Boats is from the beggining to final manufacture a long lasting product using the highest quality materials in the marine industry like Corecell Foam instead of wood, Vinilester resins, Biaxial Fiberglass, Coosa Transom Board, Carbon Fiber reinforcements, Top Gelcoats all crafted with the most professional hands. Promarine Boats have always produced each boat one at a time, our boats are hand laid laminated with great care and meticulous details crafted to meet the customer needs and expectations.


What makes a Promarine boat so very special, so extravagant and opulent? One would be inclined to say: “Everything!” Like always, the concept is simple and based on the principle of “fast, comfortable, beautiful, simple and safe”. The result is very technical and its design features flawless, not to mention Promarine is out only to produce each vessel ideal for passioned expert boaters but for the fans who has yet to dare experience one of his designs.


After years of successful, 10 models lineup and more than 1000 satisfy customers, Promarine brand open a new facility in the nautical capital of the world Ford Lauderdale Florida US, this new location allows us reach a greater market area with the close proximity to the beautiful Bahamas islands, Florida Gulf Coast States, the Caribbean and The America´s  as well.


By the end of 2015 the new Promarine 400 series arrives in two new model versions. Sport Fishing Series for the serious anglers and the GTS series comfort around inspired like a SUV family enjoyment and nautical Fun. By Mid 2016 the new Promarine 400 Sport Cabin Cruiser will hit the waters like a real icon for sport and cruiser boat segment, you can enjoy the fast twin step hull design combined with a comfort cabin of 6 sleeping capacity, where a great performance and lifestyle become together.


The Best Quality is our goal in each finished boat so you will have the outmost boating experience on a Promarine Boat, and we invite you to  enjoy and feel our Passion for Details...




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